Making PPI Claims: What If I Can Not Find The Policy Number?

Nowadays more and more people are becoming aware of PPI claims. A PPI claim is made in order to receive compensation. Some of the lenders mis-sold PPI to numerous people through unethical ways and that too without making the buyers familiar with the various conditions. Before making the claim it is imperative to make sure that you have complete documents. However many customers who claim back compensation for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance initially are unable to find the loan or agreement number. In such cases many banks simply turn down claims where the customer fails to provide a loan or card number. Millions of people naturally have lost or got rid of old papers so this is a common story. We know banks can find a customer. By using a date of birth and some other security details banks can locate customers with ease. However, banks will obviously not search too hard if there is a PPI claim for compensation. Asking the enemy for ammunition is never going to work. Some banks will process the claim but many simply respond saying ‘tough luck we can’t find you’.

The best method of locating your agreement numbers is by first having a look and see if you do have any old paperwork. Sometimes a bank statement can show an agreement number under a monthly debit. The next best thing is to simply telephone the bank and ask for the account number. Simply by saying that you need the account number for personal records can assist and often banks will give the number over the telephone. The other approach is to pay a £10.00 fee under data access and banks are obliged to disclose all the paperwork. This can help because the actual credit agreement which a customer signed at the time the PPI was sold will be disclosed. It can help when making a claim. Once a customer has the loan or card number then the ball starts rolling in the right direction. The extra bit of work is worth it because there is a lot of money to be reclaimed.

And still if in case you are unable to find out the policy number then you can take the help from several well known PPI claims companies. While browsing the internet you can find out several reliable claims companies that can help you in claiming back compensation for mis-sold PPI. The reliable PPI claims company checks every loan, credit card account number. After collecting all the appropriate information then they make a Payment Protection Insurance claim. The company can ask you to provide a copy of your old bank statements in order to verify what the lender owes you. Some of the companies also offer the free credit checking facility in case you are unable to find out the account number. With the help of this you can get a complete credit report. Thus by opting for a Reliable Claims Company Based In The Uk you can get your hard earned money back.

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