Navigating Legal and Ethical Considerations in PMVA Intervention

In the realm of Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA), practitioners are not only tasked with ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals but also navigating a complex landscape of legal and ethical considerations. This article delves into the critical importance of understanding and adhering to legal and ethical principles in PMVA intervention, […]

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An Overview of Commercial Law

Having a basic understanding of commercial law is very important for entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the business world. Legal matters are usually unavoidable if you are running a company. First off, you will need to follow requirements set by the law for you to be able to operate legally in your area. Other […]

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A Universal International Law, an Institutionalised and Democratic Society: A Mere Fantasy?

Should the asymmetry of power in the international system persist, one must be prepared for a temporary and possibly extended suspension of certain accepted rules of IL, or at least for their application in a hitherto unfamiliar manner, warns Zemanek, for whom the situation will lead to the mere transformation of these rules of IL […]

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