How Do I Get a Family Based Green Card?

Essentially there are two main classes of family based green cards. The first class is immediate relatives and includes spouses, unmarried minor children, and parents of U.S. citizens. There are no quotas for this class and no time limits beyond the time needed to process the application. On the other hand, preference categories, the second […]

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US Immigration From 1850 to Today

US Immigration from 1850 to Today While the United States has undergone a Constitution-mandated census every ten years since 1790, it was not until 1850 that the census began taking into account the immigrant status of interviewed individuals. Looking at the statistics from the past 160 years, a few interesting facts emerge. An Overview The […]

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Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

An increasing number of people today are migrating to foreign countries in search of better job opportunities and an improved lifestyle. One of the most popular destinations for migration is the US. As per official reports, the number of first-generation immigrants in the US was approximately 38 million in 2007. Further, 1,046,539 immigrants were naturalized […]

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What Is the EB5 Investor Program and How to Select an EB5 Immigration Lawyer?

According to statistics released by the State Department, the total number of Eb-5 Green Card Visas has increased thrice times between the fiscal years of 1998 and 1999, and the number of regional center projects has also doubled to total more than eighty centers across the nation. Receiving an Eb-5 Investor Visa allows you fast-track […]

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