International Trademark Registration Procedure

Getting the right name is important and essential; it gives you a distinctive identity instead of a descriptive common name and secures your business identity if registered as Trademark. A distinctive trademark guarantees the genuineness, and gives you the legal rights to prevent its illegitimate use by competitors and reputation breakers. Registering your trademark grants […]

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Use Of Chinese Trademark Registered

Regarding Chinese trademark before and after registration, we would like you pay attention to the following indications: 1. Before the mark is officially approved of registration, the applicant should not attach any registration symbol (e.g., “®”) to the mark in respect of the designated goods; 2. The subject application or potential registration is valid in […]

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Genuine Use of a Community Trademark – It’s Not Where You Use But How You Use

The question of whether use of a Community Trademark in just one European Member State is “genuine use”, sufficient to defeat a revocation action for non-use, has been a question on the lips of Trademark owners and practitioners alike since the inception of the Community Trade Mark. A recent opinion issued by the Attorney General […]

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Protecting Brands From Infringement and Knock Offs – Part II Advanced Techniques

1. Use Copyright Registration to Stop Knock-Offs Too often, overseas and other low-cost manufacturers are employed to replicate successful products. This can be done by carefully making a mold of the product and then using that mold to make a replication. These knock-offs are imported into the U.S. and enter the stream of commerce through […]

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