Cyber Law

Internet Crimes: Definition and Penalties

An internet crime, or cybercrime, refers to any illegal practice that involves the use of a computer or network, or targets a computer or network. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, their key priorities in regards to cybercrimes are: computer intrusion, online predators, piracy, and fraud. Computer intrusion costs individuals and companies billions of […]

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E-Commerce And Cyber Crime – Part 5

E-business security is not any detached process. It is an ongoing as well as comprehensive process of adding, removing and managing action layers that are based upon holistic risk management strategies. In military as well as other organizations, this concept is referred to as “defense in depth,” a popular mark that does not sufficiently capture […]

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The European Commission Releases Important Privacy Proposals

In order to address ubiquitous privacy and data concerns, the European Commission (“EC”) has recently set forth a comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union. It is anticipated that these proposals will substantially revise the European Union’s (“EU”) 1995 Data Protection Directive, followed by proposed legislation in the year 2011. The modernization […]

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