Speeding Ticket: Tips on Avoiding a Citation

The easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket is to not speed, but few drivers will always adhere to this advice. In fact, it can be hard not to go faster than the posted limit when everyone else is doing it, at which point going slower than other drivers can become a traffic hazard. Fortunately, there are some ways to drive a little faster than the limit without getting cited for it.

One of the best ways to avoid a speeding ticket is by refusing to go more than ten miles over the limit. Few officers will pull you over for going this amount over, but if you increase it, they just might give you a citation. This is why so many drivers go just about five to ten miles over, as this is fairly safe, yet can still get you where you need to be slightly sooner than if you adhered to the posted limit. In fact, if you start this habit, you will probably notice that you will stay in line with most other people on the road. This is not only safe since you are going with the flow of traffic, but it is also a good way to avoid being singled out by a police officer.

If it seems everyone else is going even faster than ten miles above the limit, you may have to do the same if you want to avoid impeding traffic. However, you will put yourself at risk of a speeding ticket if you simply drive too fast, even when others are doing it. This is why you should find a car that is going slightly faster than you, and then drive behind it. This way, if there is an officer on the side of the road, he or she will see the other car first and will likely pursue it. If the driver ahead of you sees the officer in time to slow down, that vehicle’s brake lights will alert you to slow down, too.

Another way to try to avoid a speeding ticket is to not attract attention to your vehicle. If you are driving aggressively, switching lanes often without signaling, and always driving in the left lane, officers will notice you first. The same goes if you have a car that begs for attention, with larger rims, bright colors, body kits, and other aftermarket improvements. If you really want to avoid a citation, you will try to stay out of the gaze of a police officer unless you plan to always drive the speed limit.

These tips will not guarantee that you can always avoid a speeding ticket, but they make it likely. If you cannot afford to pay off a citation, you can either avoid driving too fast at all, or pay attention to these tips. They can become very valuable if you want to save both money and your driving record.

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