The No Win No Fee Car Accident Claim Explained

If you are involved in an accident where the other party is at fault, you are entitled to file an accident claim for those injuries. The costs involved however with retaining an attorney and proving your case in a court of law can get very costly. In the event that the courts award you money, many times they will pay your doctor bills and a small cash award. If you don’t win enough cash, you owe that attorney for all the fees that have accrued.

The No Win No Fee car accident claim gives you the opportunity to hire an attorney with no money up front. The way the claim works is if you go to trial and do not win any money, you do not owe the attorney any fees. It its simplest form, your getting the professional help you need at no cost, unless you win a substantial amount of money. In that case you would pay the attorney fees out of the settlement.

Finding a law firm that will allow you to use the no win no fee claim signs an agreement with you, they are accepting all the legal expenses during your case. There are zero up front costs that are required from you, and that legal firm basically assumes all the risk. If the case rules in your favor, you pay a success fee for the firm reaching the settlement you desired.

The money that you will have to pay the law firm if they win you a settlement is an agreed upon percentage of the total settlement. Because the law firm takes their percentage directly from the compensation, you will still be awarded money that remains. Before your case is taken, you must file a conditional fee agreement with the law firm. That document is a legal binding contract between that law firm and you.

When you sit down with the law firm to discuss the no win no fee plan, understand that the percentage rate is set forth in that initial agreement. The percentage can vary from solicitor, so make sure to negotiate a percentage you are happy with. Even if the rate agreed upon is on the high end at 25%, you will walk away with over $75,000 if you win a $100,000 cash settlement. Because you have absolutely nothing to lose, this type of agreement has been gaining in popularity among clients.

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