The Causes and Action to Take Following a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is an injury that is used to describe a type of injury which occurs when the head is thrown suddenly away from the body with force and the soft tissues around the spine are stretched.

This type of injury can primarily affect the neck, back and shoulders most commonly after a road traffic accident.

However, there are also many other causes of whiplash for example fairground rides, slips, trips and falls or due to an accident at work.

Action to Take Following a Whiplash Injury

If you have been unfortunate to have suffered a whiplash injury, here are a few tips about the action you should take following the accident:

You should seek medical attention straight away to prevent the injury from getting any worse. Medical evidence will also help to support a claim for compensation.

Try to record as much information about the accident circumstances. Here are a few examples of what you should make a note of:

The date and time of the accident

Location address

The contact name and details of any independent witnesses who saw the accident happen

If the accident was a road traffic accident, you should take the contact and insurance details the third party and their vehicle.

If you are able, take photographs of the accident scene, what caused the accident to happen and the location.

If anyone is injured, it is essential to call the police. They will record the details of the accident and the parties involved in order to compile a report. This will be important in any following claim or legal action.

In the time following the accident, retain details and receipts of any medical treatment or injury related expenses that you may incur.

Obtain the legal advice and guidance from a personal injury solicitor.

Make a No Win No Fee Whiplash Injury Claim

As part of your compensation claim, your solicitor will investigate into the level of compensation that you’re entitled to claim for ‘general damages’ and ‘special damages’.

General damages is the compensation award that you will receive for the amount of pain and suffering the injury has caused you, and how this has affected your day-to-day lifestyle.

Special damages is the compensation that you can claim for any financial losses you have suffered, for example loss of earnings and medical expenses.

Making a no win no fee whiplash injury claim entitles you to make a claim for compensation without their being any financial risk involved, win or lose.

If your work accident claims is successful, your solicitor will recover all of their costs from the third party’s insurers and you will be awarded the full amount of compensation.

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