Common Facts and Knowing Different Types of Sports Dental Injuries

Athletes know that injuries of different types may occur at different stages of their career. When it comes to common injuries for athletes, muscle related issues or injuries are mostly discussed. However, you would be amazed to know that a large section of athletes faces dental injuries. If preventive measures are not taken at the right time, these injuries can prove to be dangerous for the career of a professional sportsperson. Below, let us note a few quick facts on dental sport injuries:

• Mostly teens and pre-teens are vulnerable to sport dental injuries. In the USA, around 5 million sportsmen lose their teeth in sports related injuries. The scenario is equally gloomy for New Zealand too. For teeth injury claims you can visit our website.

• The top 3 sports that are mainly responsible for sports related dental injuries are Biking, Hockey and Basketball. All three games are popular in New Zealand, and thus vulnerability of dental injuries among athletes is very high.

• Injuries can even happen, if mouth guards are worn. Wearing mouth guards can prevent injuries to some extent for sure, but they cannot ensure 100% protection against dental injuries.

Different Types of Dental Injuries Related to Sports

Sports Persons often encounter different kinds of dental injuries. However, three types of injuries have been found quite common. So, in the following section, let us check those three kinds of sports dental injuries:

1. Cracked Teeth or Fractured Teeth

Cracked teeth or fractured teeth problem has different levels of severity, and this kind of injury takes place when player get strong blow on face. Absence of mouth guards can cause severely concerning injuries. Cracked tooth can be painful and progressive as crack widens up with the advent of time. One needs to visit a professional dentist if this kind of injury has taken place, without delaying or neglecting the problem. Cracks may be visible or may not be visible. If not visible, cracked tooth injury may have following symptoms:

• Sharp pain while eating
• Inconsistent but chronic tooth paining
• Sharp pain when you consume hot or iced foods
• Bleeding from root of teeth in some cases

2. Fractured Roots

Fractured root injury is quite similar to fractured tooth. In this case, instead of bottom of tooth, root area of tooth encounters fracture. Fractured roots can be extremely painful and in most of the occasion bleeding from root can be noted. It needs quick medical attention, and veteran dentists can provide relief through pain-free treatment.

3. Teeth Intrusion

This kind of injury happens, when tooth driven back into the jawbone due to sudden thrust or hitting force. This type of injury has also been noted as dental trauma. Mainly primary teeth of human beings are vulnerable to this kind of injury. This type of injury can also give strong uneasy or painful feeling.

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