Attorney TV Commercials: Which Lawyers Benefit The Most From Them?

It’s easy to assume that attorney TV commercials are “one size fits all” – that no matter what your practice specializes in, you can leverage the power of attorney TV commercials to your advantage. However, research shows this is far from the case. The average TV viewer simply won’t encounter the vast majority of legal situations in their lifetimes: using TV to advertise services for esoteric issues is a waste of effort and resources.

Fortunately, the specific fields that do best with TV advertising have been identified, and if your law practice can offer services in any of the following categories, you can take full advantage of attorney TV commercials to generate leads and bring in clients:

1. Personal Injury Law – Claims for motor vehicle accidents, nursing home injuries, work-related injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other cases where the victim has clearly suffered through the action or negligence of another.

2. Bankruptcy – In the current recession, bankruptcy runs rampant: many people need legal assistance in debt restructuring, tax negotiations, and foreclosure defense.

3. Divorce and Family Law – An estimated 40 to 50% of first marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce in the US, spurring demand for legal assistance in divorce proceedings, alimony, child custody and support, and distribution of property and debt.

4. Social Security Disability Insurance – Over half of all social security claims are denied, resulting in huge demand for legal assistance in establishing disabilities, supplemental security income, and workers’ compensation benefits.

5. Immigration Law – There are over a hundred multilingual attorney TV commercials concerning immigration issues. Though they may be targeted at clients of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, they answer the same issues: immigration appeals, visa applications, human rights, and asylum and judicial reviews.

6. Mass Torts – Federal court statistics indicate that over 50,000 product liability and pharmaceutical/toxic tort cases are filed annually in the US. As more and more people suffer from adverse effects of medications and chemicals such as asbestos, mass tort commercials flourish at a corresponding rate.

TV Advertising cannot guarantee success for all fields of practice. If your practice is not included in this list, perhaps other forms of media may be appropriate. But even if you still want to advertise on TV regardless of whether or not your field is on the list, you need to carefully research on how TV advertising can work for you.

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