Divorce and Supporting Your Children

Unfortunately these days, divorce is a reality many couples must deal with. It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Many couples, during the course of their relationships, have children who are affected by their life decisions. It is painful for both spouses when they decide to move on, but it’s important to remember that the children are dealing with just as much, if not more. It is very important to support your children through the course of your divorce. They must remain your top priority.

Communicate With Your Children

As a parent, the first thought may be to protect your child but you must remain honest; in an age appropriate way of course. Explain to your children, in the best way possible, why, what, and how things will be different. While they must get used to new things, also explain to them the things that will remain the same. This means their relationship with both of you. Children should be made to understand that while many things are changing, the important things will remain constant and untouched.

Listen to Their Concerns

Children are going to experience the same fears and anxieties as you are. Their whole life is changing before their eyes and they may feel rather helpless. You must reassure them that their opinions and their concerns matter. They should be able to express their feelings whether it be confusion, anger, or hurt. They should also know that they could come to you and express their feelings without receiving backlash from either side. They also deserve your understanding and reassurance that everything is going to be o.k.


So many things are changing during this time for everyone. Your goal should be to keep as many things as routine as possible for your children. No matter what their age, children love consistency. They have enough to worry about from one day to the next than to have to worry about the one thing that has been their rock for most of their lives. You and your spouse should make it a point to work together as much as you can to keep disciplines, schedules, and other routines as regular as possible.

Work Together as Parents

Although your marriage is ending, the two of you must still raise your children together. It may be difficult at first, but you must place your feelings for each other aside and concern yourselves with the needs of your children. Attempt to be amicable and your children will reap the rewards.

Never speak negatively about your spouse in front of your kids and never make them feel like they must choose sides. Your children need the both of you and it’s your job to make sure this transition phase is as painless as possible for their sake as well as your own. Refrain from being spiteful and be kind for your children. Your children deserve to have a loving, caring relationship with both of their parents.

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