Tips For Winning Work Injury Claims

First of all, it is important to prove the following:

– You work for the person or company who is responsible for your injuries
– You sustained an injury as a result of the accident. If a pre-existing medical condition has been aggravated as a result of your working condition, then you will need to prove this as well, although it is quite difficult.
– Your employer breached a duty of care which can include failure to provide a risk free working environment, failure to carry out risk assessments on a frequent basis, failure to protect your safety and health, failure to provide training, failure to provide safety work equipment or personal protective equipment, etc.
– You aren’t stature barred from making a claim.

Your employer is legally responsible for providing a safe workplace to all the workers. He is also responsible for providing safe tools, equipments, machinery with which the workers are required to work. In addition, adequate training must also be provided to workers to prevent accidents and injuries. Getting involved in a workplace accident doesn’t mean that you can obtain compensation. It is essential to prove liability and there definitely has to be blame. Even if your employer was not responsible for the accident, you may still be able to make a claim. For example, if a coworker drops a heavy tool on your foot, then you have chances of making a work injury claim because your employer will be held responsible for the actions of your coworkers. If you drop a tool on your foot, then a compensation claim may not be possible. But, if the tool is defective and part of its breaks off whilst you are working and causes injury to you, then you may be in a strong position to make a Work injury Claims

Other important steps that you must take to win compensation include:

– Visiting a G.P or a doctor
– Ensuring your accident has been recorded in the accident book
– Informing your union
– Keeping a note of what happened and how you got hurt
– Obtaining details of witnesses
– Seeking legal help

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