Nathan N. Evans

DUI Deferred Prosecution in Washington State

In Washington State, deferred prosecution is a way to avoid criminal penalties and DOL license suspension for people whose addiction problems caused their DUI arrest. It is the state’s view that even though people are responsible for their own actions, addiction will cause addicts to consistently make the wrong choices. Through a deferred prosecution, an […]

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An Overview of Commercial Law

Having a basic understanding of commercial law is very important for entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the business world. Legal matters are usually unavoidable if you are running a company. First off, you will need to follow requirements set by the law for you to be able to operate legally in your area. Other […]

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International Trademark Registration Procedure

Getting the right name is important and essential; it gives you a distinctive identity instead of a descriptive common name and secures your business identity if registered as Trademark. A distinctive trademark guarantees the genuineness, and gives you the legal rights to prevent its illegitimate use by competitors and reputation breakers. Registering your trademark grants […]

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