Nathan N. Evans

Can Texas Afford The Death Penalty?

The newly elected Texas state legislature, like most of our States, is facing large budget deficits in 2011 that are going to require some creative solutions to solve. Unlike the federal government, Texas is required by law to provide a balanced budget. Texas legislators are in the unenviable position of considering new taxes that their […]

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What Entails a Loan Workout?

Know What Help is Available In today’s volatile real estate market, homeowners struggle to know where to turn for help with their most valuable possession: their home. The economy has left borrowers struggling to make their payments due to reduced or lost incomes, increased expenses, and even increasing monthly mortgage payments. Some have relied on […]

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What Was Agent Orange?

For many Vietnam veterans, the possibility of having been exposed to Agent Orange during the war is a cause for serious concern. Exposure has been linked to the development of numerous diseases, such as lymphoma and various forms of cancer. If you think you may have been exposed and affected, you would be well advised […]

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